What Can We Do to Help Stop Bullying?

This popular and poignant assembly program  should be a part of every schools Anti-Bullying curriculum.

The program is offered with a CD of songs and an activity guide for follow up activities in the classroom.

Anyone who has watched children’s faces and reactions when John does this program in schools knows that important connections are being made and children are understanding the powerful messages about empathy, teasing, compassion, peer pressure and bullying.

John Farrell is an internationally acclaimed Peace Educator, Author and Songwriter. His highly requested program presents interactive songs and stories that provide an opportunity for students to put themselves in each others shoes and consider the harmful effects of teasing and bullying. 

Using songs and stories to present familiar situations students are asked to consider what they can do to counteract bullying and teasing in school, and away from school too. This positive approach correlates with topics and strategies in the most successful anti-bullying programs. 

John Farrell draws from his own experiences as a child and adult and talks with students about times when he was the victim of bullying, and also occasions when he was the one whose actions hurt others. 


Program includes selections from the following pieces, according to grade levels attending:

  • What Can We Do to Help Stop Bullying?
  • Courage
  • What Would You Do?
  • If I Wasn’t Me I Might Be You
  • It’s the Little Things That We Do
  • How Would You Feel?
  • I’m Sorry
  • Who Needs Help?
  • What Can We Do to Make Peace?
  • Love Grows